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In Amazon Prime Video you can see all types of movies and popular TV shows. You can use Prime Installed Video Service on devices like Fire tablet, Fire TV, Echo devices, ios devices, Android smartphones, PC, Mac.

Amazon Prime Video is a very similar video component as are services like Netflix and Hulu. In this, you will get many categories of films and TV shows, from which you can unlimited streaming. You can take advantage of this, even more, you can take advantage of this by clicking here amazon.com/mytv.

The Instructions for Downloading and Installing the Prime Video App on iOS Devices

Amazon Prime, a paying subscription entertainment service available at http://www.amazon.com/mytv, provides subscribers with free delivery, unlimited online content, online movies, and digital films, among other benefits. Instant videos are available for free or for an Amazon Prime membership.

How to Register your Device with Amazon Prime My Tv?

  • Connect your smart TV to Internet services
  • Go to your device store to download Amazon Prime Video App
  • Find the Amazon Prime application in the search bar
  • To install the Amazon My TV app, press or click the install button
  • Open amazon video app after installation
  • Click on “Register Amazon Website”
  • Note down the Prime My TV verification code
  • Turn on your internet and type www.amazon.com/mytv or Primevideo.com/mytv
  • Sign in amazon says
  • Create an account if you are new
  • Enter the Amazon video registration code from your TV device
  • Enter a 5 or 4 digit code on your TV or device
  • Once the Amazon activation process is over you will get a congratulatory message on your TV screen
  • Click “Continue” on Amazon My TV App
  • After all this, you can easily stream Amazon Prime Video on the Prime app on your Android amazon prime login.

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